Alex Tabarrok Airs the Dirty Laundry

Michael Giberson Generally we don’t air our dirty laundry in public around here. But that won’t stop me from pointing out that Alex Tabarrok has a good post on the Department of Energy’s energy efficiency standards for washing machines. … More Alex Tabarrok Airs the Dirty Laundry

Wsj Reports “Incentives Prove Powerful”

Michael Giberson Rebecca Smith has an article on demand response in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal with all the surprise of “dog bites man” headline: “Incentives Prove Powerful.” Reporters don’t generally write headlines, so I guess she’s not to blame. (Oh, I get it, it is supposed to be a clever play on words. You see, … More Wsj Reports “Incentives Prove Powerful”More Wsj Reports “Incentives Prove Powerful”

How Smart is Your Electric Meter?

Michael Giberson “Some of the argument centers on just how smart a smart meter needs to be.” That’s a line out of a story from the Philadelphia Inquirer about smart meters and the upcoming special legislative session on energy beginning in Pennsylvania next week. Governor Ed Rendell is pushing for a retail real-time price option … More How Smart is Your Electric Meter?More How Smart is Your Electric Meter?