Technology Review on Plug-In Hybrids

Lynne Kiesling Kevin Bullis at Technology Review has a nice post that dispels some misunderstandings about plug-in hybrid vehicles. I encourage you to follow his links and to learn more about plug-in hybrids, how they work, and what benefits they introduce into the entire electricity ecosystem, in particular, their article on “how plug-in hybrids will … More Technology Review on Plug-In HybridsMore Technology Review on Plug-In Hybrids

Well-Known Economist Advises Online World

Lynne Kiesling Michael Boskin will be on the Council of Economic Advisers for Gaia Online, Gaia Interactive announced Monday morning that Michael Boskin, still a Hoover senior fellow and Stanford professor, will become chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors for Gaia Online, a virtual world that attracts 2.5 million monthly participants who engage in … More Well-Known Economist Advises Online WorldMore Well-Known Economist Advises Online World