Arnold Kling Imagines

Michael Giberson Arnold Kling writes, “After reading his book One Economics, Many Recipes, I keep imagining myself debating Dani Rodrik…and losing.” Among other things, Kling suggests Rodrik offers “industrial policy with an Austrian slant” — he quotes Rodrik’s book as saying “the right way of thinking of industrial policy is as a discovery process–one where … More Arnold Kling ImaginesMore Arnold Kling Imagines

Al Roth’s “The Art of Designing Markets”

Michael Giberson Want to learn more about market design? Al Roth has an article, “The Art of Designing Markets,” in the October 2007 edition of the Harvard Business Review. The article is available to subscribers online, or perhaps you can find it at your local bookstore. The introduction: Traditional economics views markets as simply the … More Al Roth’s “The Art of Designing Markets”More Al Roth’s “The Art of Designing Markets”