Reason In Dc

Lynne Kiesling If you are attending Reason In DC on Saturday, I’ll see you there! Won’t be there today, though. Tomorrow Ron Bailey, Fred Smith and I will discuss carbon policy. Should be a stimulating discussion … … More Reason In Dc

How Important Will Plug-in Hybrids Be?

Lynne Kiesling To answer my own question: dunno. But the technology has a lot of promise. The Wikipedia entry on plug-in hybrid vehicles” is a thorough and well-cited background on the technology and its potential. In particular, of course, I am interested in the vehicle’s intersection with the electric power network: PHEVs and fully electric … More How Important Will Plug-in Hybrids Be?More How Important Will Plug-in Hybrids Be?

Sports Betting with Furniture, II

Michael Giberson Yesterday, NPR’s All Things Considered ran a story on the Jordan Furniture Red Sox promotion that we discussed here earlier. An excerpt: So with the Red Sox and the Colorado Rockies now facing off in the World Series, some of the couch potatoes watching from home are rooting to win the very couches … More Sports Betting with Furniture, IIMore Sports Betting with Furniture, II

Blogger Vanity Posting

Michael Giberson From the Economist‘s Free Exchange blog, on blogging: [W]e should expect those with strong resum├ęs but lackluster ideas to abstain from extensive blogging, while those whose critical and analytical skills run ahead of the experience and education categories on their CVs should embrace blogging as a means to signal their exceptional fitness. We … More Blogger Vanity PostingMore Blogger Vanity Posting