Disk Failure, Lost Comments

Lynne Kiesling Ugh … so the KP host lost a disk, which is why we’ve been unreachable for the past few hours … Through the miracle of the RSS feed I was able to reconstruct the three posts from this morning, since the last backup, but I was unable to reconstruct the three comments on … More Disk Failure, Lost CommentsMore Disk Failure, Lost Comments

More From the Ces

Lynne Kiesling Note also the Popular Mechanics CES Blog; Popular Mechanics has sent KP friend Glenn Reynolds to the CES to report on what he finds there. … More More From the Ces

Consumer Electronics Go Green

Lynne Kiesling The annual Consumer Electronics Show kicks off today in Las Vegas, and at least at a marketing level it’s going green: Gadget makers are joining a green movement sweeping the corporate world, a new theme at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Vendors plan to display products such as biodegradable PCs and solar-powered cellphone … More Consumer Electronics Go GreenMore Consumer Electronics Go Green

Prediction Markets at Google

Michael Giberson Not often does a paper from the American Economic Association meetings make the news, but on Friday a paper by Bo Cowgill, Justin Wolfers, and Eric Zitzewitz was presented about prediction markets at Google. This morning Noam Cohen at the New York Times reports: A question never addressed in the report is what … More Prediction Markets at GoogleMore Prediction Markets at Google