Three Cheers for Gridlock

Lynne Kiesling While I’m feeling grumpy and cynical, and wishing that more politicians and candidates had the cahones to say that government cannot, and should not, solve all problems, here’s a sensible statement from an editorial about the proposed stimulus package: The problem with the economy isn’t a lack of government borrowing from the future … More Three Cheers for GridlockMore Three Cheers for Gridlock

Tyler Sums Up My Cynicism About Politics

Lynne Kiesling I am feeling grumpy and under the weather, so the closest I’m coming to an original thought is finding that Tyler Cowen has articulated the basis of my cynicism about politics: We pass too many policies just to show politicians are “doing something,” just because it is an election year, just because voters … More Tyler Sums Up My Cynicism About PoliticsMore Tyler Sums Up My Cynicism About Politics