FCC Spectrum Auction Ends

Lynne Kiesling Courtesy of Slashdot, and following up on Mike’s spectrum auction post from earlier this month, the 700 MHz spectrum auction has come to a close. From the New York Times blog post mentioned in the Slashdot article: The winning bids totaled $19,592,420,000. That’s nearly double the amount the commission had hoped to raise … More FCC Spectrum Auction EndsMore FCC Spectrum Auction Ends

Sad Socket: Galvin Electricity Initiative’s New Ad

Lynne Kiesling Have you seen the Galvin Electricity Initiative Sad Socket ad? In the half-century since our electric power system was completed, little has been done to update it — and it shows. We’re relying on an obsolete electricity grid that is dangerously vulnerable, even to forces as predictable as thunderstorms and as tiny as … More Sad Socket: Galvin Electricity Initiative’s New AdMore Sad Socket: Galvin Electricity Initiative’s New Ad

Energy from Animal Waste

Lynne Kiesling Mike’s two recent posts about turning animal waste in to electric power and John Doerr’s focus on methane recovery from animal waste prompt me to mention one of the innovative entrepreneurs in this space: RealEnergy. RealEnergy builds, installs, and manages distributed generation and combined heat and power (CHP) systems, and can do so … More Energy from Animal WasteMore Energy from Animal Waste