Water Pricing: Just Say Yes!

Lynne Kiesling David Zetland of Aguanomics has a great op-ed in Forbes about water scarcity and pricing in California. He hits the nail on the head, and does so in clear economic terms: The real problem is that the price of water in California, as in most of America, has virtually nothing to do with … More Water Pricing: Just Say Yes!More Water Pricing: Just Say Yes!

More on Energy Resilience

Lynne Kiesling At The Energy Collective, Geoff Styles discusses Andy Grove’s energy resilience ideas that I mentioned on Monday. His conclusion: The approach suggested by Dr. Grove has many advantages, and the most important is avoiding the trap of becoming overly reliant on any one source of primary energy, imported or domestic, in the future. … More More on Energy ResilienceMore More on Energy Resilience