Headed Home from Vacation

Lynne Kiesling Headed home from a week’s vacation in England, which is the reason for my radio silence here! I was going to post, but traveling with the KP Spouse and two of our best friends meant for a fun and busy schedule! The primary event of/reason for the trip was Hamlet at the Royal … More Headed Home from VacationMore Headed Home from Vacation

No Hydrogen-powered Car in Your Future

Michael Giberson Joseph Romm, writing at Grist, notes that a recent Economist story on hydrogen-fueled cars comes to the same conclusion he had reached when he wrote about the Honda Clarity prototype for a Technology Review blog. To wit, there is no hydrogen-powered car in your future. The Economist notes that hydrogen cars do have … More No Hydrogen-powered Car in Your FutureMore No Hydrogen-powered Car in Your Future