Some Good, and Not So Good, Water Policy Discussions

Lynne Kiesling David Zetland, call your office! Here are a couple of thought-provoking water articles I’ve recently read: 1. Peter Gleick on water policy in Wired: 8 proposals, and not a single one says a single thing about improving price signals to discipline water use! How can he claim to have any kind of serious, … More Some Good, and Not So Good, Water Policy DiscussionsMore Some Good, and Not So Good, Water Policy Discussions

Green or Not?

Lynne Kiesling Which is greener using a life-cycle analysis: walking to my nearby standard supermarket and buying standardly-commercial produce and meat, or driving the 5.4 miles (10.8 miles round trip) to Green Grocer and buying organic, locally-sourced produce and meat? I suspect it’s the former. BUT (a) such a calculation ignores any quality differential between … More Green or Not?More Green or Not?

House Tweets to Monitor Energy Consumption

Lynne Kiesling I have been playing around with Twitter for the past few weeks, and it sure is intriguing. Most of my Twitter stream is BBC news updates and playlist updates for a couple of online radio sites that I frequent, but the one about which I’m most excited is andy_house, which is the Twitter … More House Tweets to Monitor Energy ConsumptionMore House Tweets to Monitor Energy Consumption

The Bailout As “Hayek’s Revenge”

Lynne Kiesling University of Illinois law professor Larry Ribstein calls the financial bailout “Hayek’s revenge”: Markets are bigger and more complex than any one set of regulators can comprehend, even Henry Paulson, … Thanks to CafĂ© Hayek for the link. … More The Bailout As “Hayek’s Revenge”

Solar Parking Lot Canopies

Lynne Kiesling This EcoGeek post addresses a pet topic of mine: if we are going to invest in renewable electricity generation technologies, we should start by coupling the energy-related benefits with other benefits, particularly at this point when renewables are not yet price-competitive. Solar parking lot canopies are a great example of this idea. I … More Solar Parking Lot CanopiesMore Solar Parking Lot Canopies