(Almost) Live from New Orleans, Blogging the 2008 Usaee Conference

Michael Giberson

No, I’m not in New Orleans, but at the Morgan Energy blog, Cheryl Morgan is blogging about her experience at the U.S. Association for Energy Economics conference. She has been kind enough to respond to my questions, so be sure to read the comments.

As of Friday morning:

I thought about pulling out the quote “Brandi was very hot” from the Thursday evening post and using it as the title of my post here, but decided that would be a little juvenile. “Regulatory issues play a part too” is another quote pulled from the same paragraph. (Some of our readers may not be tempted by the first quote, but I know most of you are up for a look at “regulatory issues.” Oh yeah, it is also about “demand management and renewables.” Now, what could be hotter than that?) If you want more, you’ll have to read Cheryl’s post.

For more information here are links to the USAEE 2008 conference program and concurrent sessions program.