Aviation Biofuels Tested

Michael Giberson The Houston Chronicle, among others, report on a Continental Airlines test flight relying in part on biofuels. On Wednesday, a Continental Airlines Boeing 737-800 became the first U.S. commercial jet to fly on a mix of conventional jet fuel and biofuels…. “The airplane performed perfectly,” test pilot Rich Jankowski said. “There were no … More Aviation Biofuels Tested

Itq Story on Npr This Morning

Lynne Kiesling Right now NPR is running an excellent story on ITQs (individual transferable quotas) in fishing. Will post the link when it’s live. UPDATE: Here’s the link to the transcript and the audio. From the transcript, check out this good discussion of ITQs: Randy Smith’s share of the catch didn’t increase as much as … More Itq Story on Npr This Morning

Alex Has More to Say on Smart Grid and Stimulus

Lynne Kiesling Run, don’t walk, to Marginal Revolution and read Alex’s post today on smart grid investments. I’ll have more to say on this point later, but I have a date with a stationary bike and a swim pool that I must keep.