Smart Grid Federal Policy

Michael Giberson

As Lynne just noted, this week Chicago is hosting GridEcon, a conference on smart grid economics.

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., the agenda for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission meeting this week indicates that the Commission will be issuing a policy statement on smart grid policy.

No preliminary statements have been made under the docket number listed for the policy statement, PL09-4-000. The interested reader should visit the FERC homepage on March 19, where related information likely will be featured under the “What’s New” header, or check out the calendar event page after the meeting.  Of course, you can also check back here for commentary from Lynne or me, after the policy statement is out.

The very interested reader may want to consider watching the meeting webcast live, since this seems like the kind of topic that would be discussed at the meeting.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee a smart grid discussion. If you end up sitting through hours of webcast discussion examining mandatory reliability standards — agenda items E-5, E-6, and E-9 — followed by details of years-old California market melt-down inspired contractual disputes — E-10, E-18 and E-20 — without the word “smart” passing a Commissioner’s lips, well that’s your tough luck. Live beginning about 10 AM EDT on March 19, at your own risk.

March 19 UPDATE: FERC’s news release on their smart grid policy statement.  FERC Fact Sheet. Also, visit FERC’s smart grid page.  FERC invited comments on the proposed policy statement, which will be due 45 days after the statement is published in the Federal Register.  Staff presentations, commissioner statements, and related information available from the calendar event page.

The archived webcast should be available later today at (available for about 3 months). The smart grid policy statement was the only discussion item for the meeting according to the Supplemental Notice on the agenda.