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Lynne Kiesling Through the miracle that is TwitterFeed, you can now follow Knowledge Problem posts via the new KP Twitter feed. Yay!

Hey, Someone in Bakersfield Just Bought Purple Converse Hi-Tops!

Lynne Kiesling Alex Tabarrok and Zappos FTW!!!!! Check out this ridiculously fun real-time map of Zappos shoe sales. I am sure that this has some massively important implications for social networking, fashion trends, and so on, but it’s also

A Thursday Afternoon Links Roundup

Lynne Kiesling I should probably follow David Zetland’s lead and start calling these speed blogging, because it’s really just me clearing out my links to open and interesting reads! This is an old Environmental Leader article from November, but it describes Sun’s Open Eco application: Sun Microsystems has updated, an online community that provides … More A Thursday Afternoon Links Roundup

Cap-And-Trade and Politics

Michael Giberson From Environmental Capital, reports that selling all greenhouse gas emission permits under a cap-and-trade scheme may not be politically attractive: Europe already saw what happened when it gave away emissions permits—utilities gobbled up more than 100 billion euros in windfall profits. The pain for the consumer—i.e., the voter–will be the same whether the … More Cap-And-Trade and Politics

Cybersecurity and the Smart Grid

Michael Giberson Yesterday on the front page of the Wall Street Journal was a report of cyber-attacks on electric utility systems. Computerworld gives this overview of the story. Cheryl Morgan provides a run down of some of the issues, including whether development of a smart grid will increase or decrease the vulnerability of transmission infrastructure … More Cybersecurity and the Smart Grid

Itunes and Music Price Discrimination

Lynne Kiesling You may have noticed on Tuesday that Apple’s iTunes store implemented price discrimination for the purchase of singles. On Tuesday, Apple’s traditional 99-cent song price was shelved. From now on, record labels can choose to charge $1.29 for new releases. Some older catalog titles will sell for 69 cents, and everything else will … More Itunes and Music Price Discrimination