KP Convergence in Chicago

Lynne Kiesling For once, both erstwhile KP authors are in the same place! I’ve organized a research roundtable at the Searle Center on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth at Northwestern University, and Mike’s in town to attend. The event’s called Energy, Technology, and Institutions, and you can read the working papers to be discussed if … More KP Convergence in Chicago

Tim Haab: Michael Moore is a Bad Economist

Lynne Kiesling Sorry, Tim, but that’s not really earth-shattering news, is it? Anyway, Tim’s post critiquing Michael Moore’s recommendations to the Obama administration as majority shareholder in GM is highly entertaining. A taste to whet your appetite, but please do read Tim’s foment in all its glory: And as the end days of oil approach … More Tim Haab: Michael Moore is a Bad Economist

Health Care Policy

Lynne Kiesling We don’t write much about health care economics here, but in many respects it does raise some of the same issues that I find fascinating in electricity, telecom, and technology industries. David Zetland has a good post today about how third-party payer health care rules lead to cost increases and overconsumption of health … More Health Care Policy