Mankiw on the B-School Economist

Michael Giberson Mankiw speculates on the differences between Econ department economists and business school economists. Among his suggestions, self-selection by the faculty member, the kind of research rewarded in each place, and this remark about the focus of students: Faculty who teach PhD students are used to being asked, “How did you derive that first-order … More Mankiw on the B-School Economist

Innovations in solar inverter technologies, and their economic impact

Lynne Kiesling Following up on Mike’s solar policy post from last week … one of the sub-areas in which development is occurring that I consider thoughtful, and unheralded, is in inverter technologies. When an array of photovoltaic panels generates electricity, it generates a direct current, but for use in conjunction with our alternating current distribution … More Innovations in solar inverter technologies, and their economic impact

Economic experiments on growth policy

Lynne Kiesling Tim Kane at the Kauffman Foundation is going to do some experimental economics research (with Dan Houser at George Mason) on some questions of growth and entrepreneurship: The experiments are for the study of work and entrepreneurial behavior under different policy regimes, including taxation, welfare, and social insurance. I’ll share a link to … More Economic experiments on growth policy