A Bikey Bikey Weekend!

Lynne Kiesling Will soon be outta here, headed west to lovely Bettendorf, Iowa, for this weekend’s Tour of the Mississippi River Valley (TOMRV) bike ride. 106 miles on Saturday, 90 on Sunday. I intend to be back on Sunday to report that I did ride every.dang.mile. There’s a slight chance of rain both days, with … More A Bikey Bikey Weekend!

Water Footprint As the Next Big Thing

Lynne Kiesling Wednesday’s Christian Science Monitor had an interesting article about burgeoning water scarcity issues: Move over, carbon, the next shoe to drop in the popular awareness of eco-issues is the “water footprint.” That’s the word in environmental circles these days. Just as the image of a heavy carbon foot made it possible for the … More Water Footprint As the Next Big Thing