Power from the Wind: the View from 1909

Michael Giberson The Financial Times Energy Source blog unearths a recommendation from 100 years ago to try wind power “in view of our diminishing returns of coal and petroleum.”  Practical issues are discussed, storage issues seen as important. Also at Energy Source, “The murky task of curbing speculation.”

Blog Recommendation: Structured Thinking

Lynne Kiesling I would like to bring the blog Structured Thinking to your attention. Structured Thinking captures the ideas of a group of folks at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory who do a range of energy-related and building-related research. For example, one recent post highlights a topic of great interest to me: behavioral economics and “keeping … More Blog Recommendation: Structured Thinking

Wind Power: My Advice to Free Market Critics

Michael Giberson I have a longish guest post, “Windpower: Focusing the Criticism Away from NIMBYism and Aesthetics,” up at Master Resource, Rob Bradley’s free market energy blog.  In general, in the post I offer advice to free-market-oriented critics of wind power, urging them to focus on the distortionary policy problems and to stay away from … More Wind Power: My Advice to Free Market Critics