Home Energy Management and Home Security Product Bundling

Lynne Kiesling

In a Cnet Green Tech article, Martin LaMonica points to some developments in an area that I’ve been pushing on for years: the potential consumer value creation from bundling residential electricity service with home security services. The potential for such bundling is one example of why I argue so emphatically for retail competition: in an industry with government-generated entry barriers, a company like ADT or Brinks cannot legally enter and provide retail electricity service to residential consumers.

LaMonica’s article describes a start-up company called iControl, that could be a technology provider to such a company:

iControl’s approach is to create a hub, connected to a home broadband connection that has wireless connections to IP cameras and security boards as well as thermostats and lighting. To control energy-related devices, it uses the Z-Wave wireless standard for home automation which can also control doors and locks.

iControl intends to sell its technology through other providers, such as home-security companies and utilities looking to offer networked services to consumers.