More on Dynamic Electric Power Prices for Residential Customers in Illinois

Michael Giberson

In the comments on yesterday’s post, “Dynamic electric power prices for residential customers in Illinois,” Matthew Scallet, a Power Smart Pricing program administrator, offers a few more details on the savings by customers:

As far as savings are concerned, the average savings for our entire customer base is 13% since the beginning of the program in Jan 2007. Over time the savings levels has fluctuated as power prices change, but we’ve had a very good run lately. In 2009 with the wholesale market price for electricity being so low, the average savings for customers has jumped to 27%. Ameren’s flat rates went down a bit in June which has cut into those savings a bit during the summer but since summer power prices haven’t increased as much as in past summers, the numbers continue to look really good. Not paying a risk premium for a flat rate is what’s making the program attractive to customers.

The comment also addresses concerns about the participation fee and other issues raised in earlier comments.

The 2008 program analysis report provides more details for that year.  Supporting statistical results and older reports are available from this page.