Is Bicycling “Bad to the Bone”?

Michael Giberson

Research studying competitive cyclists suggests that cycling can reduce bone density.

… most recreational cyclists probably don’t need to worry too much about their bones. “The studies to date have looked primarily at racers,” [researcher Aaron] Smathers says. “That’s a very specialized demographic. These guys train for hours at a very high intensity. They sweat a lot. They never go for runs. They don’t usually do much weight-lifting,” to avoid adding bulk. “They’re strange.”

I never “train for hours at a very high intensity,” so I’m probably safe.

One thought on “Is Bicycling “Bad to the Bone”?

  1. And I run and lift weights in addition to logging hours in the saddle, so I’m safe too :-). And I’m strange.

    Just to be sure, though, it doesn’t hurt to add a 400-I.U. vitamin D supplement to your daily diet, and make sure you get enough calcium.

    OK, Lynne’s PSA is over!

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