A Big Day for Google 2: Power Meter and Ted!

Lynne Kiesling

Google is ringing both of my dominant bells today. Today they announced their first official device partner for the Power Meter — TED 5000 (TED = The Energy Detective). Power Meter + TED = ability for homeowners to monitor their own electricity consumption, regardless of whether they have a digital meter, retail product choice, or any other hallmarks of competitive retail markets.

This is good. Very good. But it’s not enough. Why not?  Because the potential exists for so much more. Power Meter + TED could = transactive capability, with price-responsive devices and retail products and services that send dynamic prices to consumers, inducing them to program their devices. And I believe this will happen, and hope that Power Meter + TED = camel’s nose under the tent for true consumer choice and empowerment.

Martin LaMonica at CNet is also a worthwhile read on this announcement.