“Sanitized by Lawyering”

Michael Giberson Al Roth draws attention to a New York Times column, “The art of blackmail,” which includes the curious phrase, “sanitized by lawyering” (pointing out that blackmail is illegal, but negotiating a settlement in lieu of filing a lawsuit in which the unpleasant matter would be disclosed is legal). Apparently blackmail is one of … More “Sanitized by Lawyering”

Gazprom, Europe, and Long-Term Take-or-Pay Contracts

Michael Giberson Shifting world natural gas supply conditions have put the squeeze on long-term gas supply contracts between Russian gas giant Gazprom and its European customers.  A summary from the Wall Street Journal: European energy companies, faced with weakening demand and plentiful lower-cost fuel supplies, have bought far less natural gas from Russia’s OAO Gazprom … More Gazprom, Europe, and Long-Term Take-or-Pay Contracts