Wholesale Power Markets for Beginners – The New Hampshire View

Michael Giberson

Granite Viewpoint provides an excellent brief introduction to wholesale power markets in New England, with a few New Hampshire specific details thrown in. (First line: “It’s 9:00 am, do you know what the bulk price is for electricity in New Hampshire?”)  At this introductory level the story told about ISO-NE is approximately the same within each of the regional power markets integrated into power systems operations — PJM, New York ISO, Midwest ISO, California ISO; and the Southwest Power Pool and ERCOT are moving toward the arrangements described.

Want more? The New York ISO is “offering opportunities for individuals to learn more about wholesale electricity markets and power system operations in New York.”  For $300 you can get a one-day overview of NYISO operations. (Want still more? A four-day course is also available.)

And speaking of power markets for beginnings, I’ve been meaning to mention the launch of market trials for the Florida Cost Based Broker System.  (Actually, the FCBBS is not a “power market for beginners,” it is a full-scale wholesale power trading platform for professionals.  Google doesn’t readily find me a clear description of the system, but with a little looking I’m sure something will turn up.)