The joys of Target

Lynne Kiesling A random observation on the plenitude of market processes: a single visit to Target this morning enabled me to solve several pressing needs as well as some unanticipated ones (and on sale, even!). I can’t even express how irrepressibly happy the whole experience left me. It’s those simple, frequently unacknowledged experiences that really … More The joys of Target

Utilities should help hackers hack smart meters

Michael Giberson I tend to believe that smart meter developers and their customers will devise sufficient protection for smart meters to carry on business with. The smarter of smart meters will not just measure power flowing through the device, in both directions, it will also communicate and perhaps execute instructions sent to it from authorized … More Utilities should help hackers hack smart meters

Texas and the Tres Amigas interconnection

Michael Giberson Over the holiday posted a story by ClimateWire reporter Peter Behr that does a pretty good job of describing the proposed Tres Amigas project (proposing to link the three main electric regions in the U.S. – Eastern, Western, and Texas) and surrounding issues.  Among other things, the story provides a good short … More Texas and the Tres Amigas interconnection