Thanks Pete!

Lynne Kiesling Many thanks to Pete Boettke for his endorsement of me and of Knowledge Problem as resources for energy economics (and particularly energy-related economics from a coordination perspective). I think of Pete and his fellow bloggers at Coordination Problem as some of our closest fellow travelers in intellectual space, and am thus honored by … More Thanks Pete!

Congratulations to Tom Casten!

Lynne Kiesling Tom Casten, a pioneer of recycled waste energy and combined heat and power technologies, recently received a well-deserved Inspiring Efficiency-Leadership award from the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. For some background on Tom’s outstanding work that aligns economic profit and environmental benefit, this Atlantic article from May 2008 is a good place to start. … More Congratulations to Tom Casten!

Some Economics of Cable Content Bundling

Lynne Kiesling Jim Surowiecki has a New Yorker column on cable bundling that does a good job of explaining some of the reasons why bundling benefits all interested parties in the transaction — the cable provider, the content provider, and the consumer. His analysis provides several examples of comparing a policy with the most likely … More Some Economics of Cable Content Bundling

Fish Populations Surge in Oregon

Lynne Kiesling Here’s a good piece of news from the fishery and common pool resource front: salmon and steelhead populations are dramatically larger in the Pacific Northwest than anticipated, and than they were last year. … More than 680,000 Coho salmon returned to Oregon last year, double the number in 2007. The Coho run was … More Fish Populations Surge in Oregon

The New Pickens Plan Problem

Michael Giberson “It’s very hard to move mountains on energy policy, and Pickens has not yet even moved a hill,” said Amy Myers Jaffe, an energy expert at Rice University in Houston. “The problem that Pickens faces is that in this country if you are from the oil industry, people are naturally suspicious of what … More The New Pickens Plan Problem

California’s Solar Hot Water Initiative

Michael Giberson Yesterday the California Public Utilities Commission approved a program to subsidize installation of solar hot water heaters.  Green Inc. at provides a description of the solar hot water program.  The description emphasizes the goals of the program (reduce use of natural gas and electricity to heat water, primarily in order to reduce … More California’s Solar Hot Water Initiative