Thanks Pete!

Lynne Kiesling Many thanks to Pete Boettke for his endorsement of me and of Knowledge Problem as resources for energy economics (and particularly energy-related economics from a coordination perspective). I think of Pete and his fellow bloggers at Coordination Problem as some of our closest fellow travelers in intellectual space, and am thus honored by … More Thanks Pete!

Congratulations to Tom Casten!

Lynne Kiesling Tom Casten, a pioneer of recycled waste energy and combined heat and power technologies, recently received a well-deserved Inspiring Efficiency-Leadership award from the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. For some background on Tom’s outstanding work that aligns economic profit and environmental benefit, this Atlantic article from May 2008 is a good place to start. … More Congratulations to Tom Casten!

California’s solar hot water initiative

Michael Giberson Yesterday the California Public Utilities Commission approved a program to subsidize installation of solar hot water heaters.  Green Inc. at provides a description of the solar hot water program.  The description emphasizes the goals of the program (reduce use of natural gas and electricity to heat water, primarily in order to reduce … More California’s solar hot water initiative