Inside the Ercot Control Center

Michael Giberson David Wagman, chief editor of Power Engineering magazine, toured the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ primary control center in Taylor, Texas as part of a group attending the Renewable Energy World Conference in Austin.  If you wonder what ERCOT’s control center is like: Inside the control room, the most striking feature is the … More Inside the Ercot Control Center

Tickets into the Olympics

Michael Giberson Ticket scalping, like price gouging, is a usually pro-social market activity that is stuck with a pejorative name.  At Swifter, Higher, sportswriter Kyle Whelliston writes about his experience picking up a cheap ticket into the first hockey game of the Vancouver Olympics.  It wasn’t as easy as he hoped, but at a cost … More Tickets into the Olympics

Information Costs and Snowfall Data

Lynne Kiesling Here’s a paper that befits the snowy month we’ve had in the U.S. … Jonathan Zinman and Eric Zitzewitz at Dartmouth find that ski resorts over-report snowfall, and that the proliferation of iPhones has led to more consumer information on accurate snowfall and ski conditions. The paper abstract: Casual empiricism suggests that deceptive … More Information Costs and Snowfall Data