Market Design for Liberty!

Michael Giberson

At ThinkMarkets, Roger Koppl urges supporters of liberty to get into market design.  In effect Koppl says: it isn’t especially useful to oppose the growth of government and hold high the beacon of freedom and prosperity, if there is no way to get from here to there.  What is useful is finding a way to bridge the gap.

I’m a fan of this way of thinking. One reason I advocate “restructuring” the electric power industry instead of “deregulation,” is that I think that restructuring is the faster way of achieving the good things that can come from the decentralization of valuation and control (i.e., increased liberty) in electric power markets.

Koppl is too modest when he mentions his own work: (“My work on improving forensic science in the criminal justice system is an example outside the usual context of ‘deregulation.’ See here and here.“)  His work on the flaws inherent in government monopolization of forensic data collection and analysis is original and important.