Othman on Pickens, Horseflesh, and Hypocrisy

Michael Giberson Abe Othman at Constructive Economics has been reading Boone Pickens: T. Boone Pickens, from his autobiography The Luckiest Guy in the World: I believe the greatest opportunity lies in a free marketplace. There are powerful forces afoot trying to restrict that freedom in the interests of the vested and already wealthy. T. Boone … More Othman on Pickens, Horseflesh, and Hypocrisy

A personal note on KP

Lynne Kiesling As Mike said last week, the summer “doldrums” have been in force in KP-land. I have been working on a research project unrelated to electricity, which I’ll be willing to share soon, so there will be more to come on that … and frankly, I’m so disappointed (but not surprised) in the direction … More A personal note on KP