The Fictional (And Extremely Unhealthy!) Big Rock Candy Mountain

Michael Giberson From the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kids Pages, an earnest warning – accompanying the lyrics to the song Big Rock Candy Mountain – not to be lead astray by the wild (and extremely unhealthy!)┬áimages conjured up by the songwriter Harry “Haywire Mac” McClintock: IMPORTANT REMINDERS ABOUT THE LYRICS: Mr. McClintock’s song … More The Fictional (And Extremely Unhealthy!) Big Rock Candy Mountain

Booker Prize Shortlist Announced

Lynne Kiesling Having a bookish day here at KP … just heard a news story that reminded me that the shortlist for the Booker Prize was announced earlier this week, and here’s a brief synopsis of each of the six novels. Last year two of the shortlisted books, Wolf Hall (the ultimate winner of the … More Booker Prize Shortlist Announced

Lubbock’s Municipal Utility Fights City Hall

Michael Giberson Last week the Lubbock city council approved a plan to direct municipal utility Lubbock Power and Light to pay the cost of operating and maintaining the city’s street lights (see earlier post). This week the municipal utility fights back: “LP&L ready to fight city on street light money.” The Lubbock Power and Light … More Lubbock’s Municipal Utility Fights City Hall

The Mongoliad

Lynne Kiesling Speaking of Neal Stephenson, he’s involved in a new, online, serialized novel called The Mongoliad. Set in 1241, it’s an adventure journey story with the Mongol invasions of Europe as a backdrop. There are some stories you can read on the site for free, but to receive the weekly chapters you have to … More The Mongoliad

Facebook Etiquette Question

Lynne Kiesling I have a Facebook etiquette question to pose. Different people use Facebook differently. My rule is to use Facebook to keep in touch with people I know personally, and only very rarely do I make any exception to that rule. This leaves me with a dilemma when I get friend requests from people … More Facebook Etiquette Question