It’s Lysander Spooner’s birthday too!

Lynne Kiesling Another important birthday today, Lysander Spooner! “… An American individualist anarchist, libertarian, political philosopher, Deist, abolitionist, supporter of the labor movement, legal theorist, and entrepreneur of the nineteenth century.” He famously founded a mail delivery company to compete with the monopoly U.S. Postal Service, and government legal challenges to his company drove it … More It’s Lysander Spooner’s birthday too!

Paul Cézanne’s birthday

Lynne Kiesling Today’s Google banner celebrates the 172nd birthday of Paul Cézanne, my favorite artist. I love how he unpacks the underlying layers of geometry in landscapes. When I first saw the painting above, Le lac d’Annecy, in the Courtauld Gallery in London when I was a college student, it literally took my breath away. … More Paul Cézanne’s birthday

Is rationalizing regulation even possible through political processes?

Lynne Kiesling Like other economists, I was intrigued by President Obama’s op-ed in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal about streamlining federal regulation. Like Matthew Kahn, I see the influence of Austan Goolsbee here, as well as Cass Sunstein; like Tim Haab, I think this is a salutary call for more, and more consistent, application of cost-benefit … More Is rationalizing regulation even possible through political processes?