Updated Blog Theme

Lynne Kiesling I’ve tweaked the blog theme, largely because I’ve never liked how the indented quotes were formatted previously. It has some minor weirdness in the sidebar, which I’m working on. Progress, progress.

Regulatory Inertia, Antitrust Edition

Lynne Kiesling This article in the Wall Street Journal last week got less attention than I expected (perhaps because of budget, Libya, etc. news). It’s a very good analysis of bureaucrat v. bureaucrat competition between the DOJ and the FTC on which agency will take the lead in prosecuting antitrust cases: Both agencies are charged … More Regulatory Inertia, Antitrust Edition

Natural Gas Fracking News Update

Michael Giberson Fracking for natural gas continues to make headlines. For example, USA Today: “‘Fracking’ for natural gas also splits towns and families” and from Bloomberg, “Oil, gas companies injected toxic chemicals into ground, U.S. report shows.” These stories extend the understanding of shale gas development a little, but mostly cover familiar ground. Another angle, … More Natural Gas Fracking News Update