Hydraulic fracturing panel discussion at AEI

Michael Giberson Kenneth Green hosted a panel discussion on the environmental consequences of hydraulic fracturing at the American Enterprise Institute. Panelists were: Ron Bailey of Reason Magazine, Mark Brownstein from the Environmental Defense Fund, Timothy Considine from the University of Wyoming, and Amy Mall of the Natural Resources Defense Council. The video above is just a short sound bite by Ron Bailey, … More Hydraulic fracturing panel discussion at AEI

Non-traffic causes of traffic congestion

Michael Giberson Is this an unpriced external effect of shooting off fireworks on July 4? July 5 tends to have an unusual number of animal-related traffic problems, as pets, spooked by the fireworks on the previous day, have a greater propensity to wander onto freeways. From Eric Morris at the Freakonomicsblog, “Road Blocks: The Strange … More Non-traffic causes of traffic congestion