Monday Afternoon Speed Blogging

Lynne Kiesling Some ideas catching my attention and worth sharing: 1. Another demonstrated benefit of vitamin D: immune response. I am a data point on this study reported in Science Daily — I really cranked up my vitamin D supplementation over the winter (1600 IU/day), and did not have a single cold. This study focuses … More Monday Afternoon Speed Blogging

Kazman on Cafe Regulations

Michael Giberson Sam Kazman, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, opines on the loss of spare tires in some new car models: Fewer tires, higher taxes. That may be what’s in store for drivers under the federal government’s spiraling fuel economy mandates (known as CAFE, for Corporate Average Fuel Economy). The Department of Transportation is floating … More Kazman on Cafe Regulations

Congressman Called for Gas Relief

Michael Giberson Congressman Brian Higgins, of western New York, put out a press release┬álast week welcoming the news that the Obama administration will release 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. (“Higgins Welcomes News of Oil Release:┬áCongressman Called for Gas Relief Measure in April.”) The rest of the press release was a … More Congressman Called for Gas Relief