Cute Boots!

Lynne Kiesling I haven’t written about shoes in a long time (sorry Manolo!), in large part because my aging, athlete feet can’t tolerate cute shoes to the degree that they used to. My shoe wardrobe vascillates among low-heeled boots, Converse sneakers (with my orthotics in them), and sandals with heel straps and orthopedic footbeds. I … More Cute Boots!

An Sea Meetings Coda

Lynne Kiesling John Whitehead already mentioned our joint AERE/USAEE session at the SEA meetings last week. It turned out well, a combination of carbon offsets analysis and electricity market design experiments. Rim Baltaduonis from Gettysburg College presented two different, interesting experimental papers, one on designing rules for enabling contracts for carbon sequestration in soil (which … More An Sea Meetings Coda

Rory Sutherland on Subjective Meaning

Lynne Kiesling This video of a talk from British marketing expert Rory Sutherland is well worth 27 minutes of your time, especially if you are in any way associated with the electricity industry or its regulation. He uses insights from Ludwig von Mises to explain how human subjective and contextual valuation of alternatives can help … More Rory Sutherland on Subjective Meaning