Happy Holidays, Traveling Grandma!

Lynne Kiesling Happy holidays! If you are traveling by air this week to share the holidays with family, you have my sympathy … on the TSA front, not on the family front (but some of you may be dreading that too …). Whether you are subjecting yourself to the TSA’s invasiveness this holiday season or … More Happy Holidays, Traveling Grandma!

Superficial Journalism, Gps Watch Edition

Lynne Kiesling When I read Gina Kolata’s New York Times article on the inaccuracy of GPS watches, I was not impressed with her journalism and her analysis. Her main theme was that we spend all of this money on GPS watches to record our training, and they aren’t even accurate. Her example: On Sunday, I … More Superficial Journalism, Gps Watch Edition

Waterless Fracking?

Lynne Kiesling Pale Rider is one of my favorite Clint Eastwood movies. One of its central themes revolves around classic property rights concepts in a community of miners that includes a number of small pan miners and a family that has built a larger, hydraulic mining operation that essentially uses pressurized water to blast rock … More Waterless Fracking?

Does a Public Good Argument Justify Subsidizing Private Energy Production?

Michael Giberson Yesterday I disputed the analysis by which the Breakthough Institute wanted to claim credit on behalf of the federal government for the shale gas boom; today I dispute their claimed broader implications for federal energy R&D policy. Late in their op-ed, the Breakthrough folks shift emphasis from a narrow drilling technology story to … More Does a Public Good Argument Justify Subsidizing Private Energy Production?