If You Must Subsidize Energy, Subsidize Wisely

Michael Giberson

Earth Track has dedicated itself to uncovering the government policies that it finds harmful to the environment, with a particular focus on the effects of energy subsidies. From various quotes in the press from Earth Track founder Doug Koplow, I gather I may not always agree with his views of public policy and the world. But a casual review of the extensive work Earth Track has done on subsidies suggests that its work is, as it aims to be, pretty thorough and reasonably unbiased.

Koplow, noted for his criticism of energy subsidies, reports being asked which kinds of energy subsidies he does favor. His response – “So which forms of energy should we subsidize?” – notes that while he is not opposed to energy subsidies in principle, in practice there are many reasons to be cautious.

The realism exhibited with respect to the ways policymaking actually works is refreshing.