Dolan on the Wptc and Energy Policy

Lynne Kiesling Economist Ed Dolan makes a thorough argument for using the upcoming expiration of the wind production tax credit as an opportunity to rethink energy policy seriously. In particular, his combined focus on energy policy and tax policy, and whether such tax credits are good examples of either (guess what? No), makes for an … More Dolan on the Wptc and Energy Policy

Enron and Crony Corporatism

Lynne Kiesling Rob Bradley has an Econlib¬†essay on Enron, and it’s a good one. He focuses on Enron’s particular form of crony corporatism, its ability to take advantage of regulatory complexity, and the lessons that we should carry forward from the experience: Enron was essentially a political company, not a free-market one. Ken Lay’s creation … More Enron and Crony Corporatism