Some Natural Gas Posts Worth Reading

Lynne Kiesling Last week the EPA released a report on the extent of methane release during shale gas drilling; the results indicate that methane release is substantially smaller than previously thought. According to an article in Fuel Fix summarizing the report, The scope of the EPA’s revision was vast. In a mid-April report on greenhouse … More Some Natural Gas Posts Worth Reading

Happy Birthday Hayek!

Lynne Kiesling Today’s Hayek’s birthday, a worthwhile landmark for reflection on his work and why it’s important to read. I assign “The Use of Knowledge in Society” in every class I teach, and I recommend it if you haven’t yet read it. Here Hayek argues that the fundamental economic problem societies face is not the allocation … More Happy Birthday Hayek!

Planet Money’s T-shirt Project

Lynne Kiesling Are you a fan of Leonard Read’s I, Pencil (see video above)? Hayek’s argument the “The Use of Knowledge in Society” about how prices coordinate the decisions of anonymous individuals with diffuse private knowledge? Adam Smith’s tale of the making of a woollen coat? Pietra Nivoli’s book on the global travels of a … More Planet Money’s T-shirt Project

Nest and Technology-service Bundling

Lynne Kiesling Nest’s recent business developments are refreshing and promising. Building on the popularity of its elegant and easy-to-use learning thermostat in its first couple of years, Nest is introducing new Nest-enabled services to automate changes in settings and energy use in the home. Called Rush Hour Rewards and Seasonal Savings, Nest claims: Rush Hour … More Nest and Technology-service Bundling