A “Stop Watching Us” Smorgasbord

If you follow Knowledge Problem on Twitter, you’ve noticed that I’ve been continuing to comment on and re-tweet various of the developments in the federal government’s surveillance of individuals without obtaining warrants, the Star Chamber-like super-secret FISA courts and our inability to oversee and monitor the lawfulness of their rulings, and this week’s House of … More A “Stop Watching Us” Smorgasbord

Honey, Someone Hacked Our Smart Home

Ever since the first “vision” meeting I attended at the Department of Energy in 2003 about the technologically advanced electric power grid of the future, digital network security in a smart grid has been a paramount concern. Much of the concern emphasizes hardening the electrical and communication networks against nefarious attempts to access control rooms … More Honey, Someone Hacked Our Smart Home

New Ideas for Combating Price Gouging

At the Harvard Business Review Blog Rafi Mohammed offers a new proposal to combat price gouging. I don’t like it. First, of course, the title “The Problem with Price Gouging Laws” is exactly the title of my Regulation magazine piece on price gouging laws, and so it dilutes the amazing notoriety I gain from association … More New Ideas for Combating Price Gouging