Nist Smart Grid Advisory Committee

The electric power network is becoming increasingly digital. I started working on digital technology and smart grid topics in 2004, and served on the GridWise Architecture Council 2005-2009, focusing on enhancing understanding and use of interoperability principles in business and regulatory decisions.

One of the important partners in expanding awareness of interoperability and its importance in making smart grid investments that lead to resilient networks is the National Institute of Standards and Technology’ smart grid team, which has a coordinating role with technology industries, utilities, energy service providers, generators, and regulators in advancing smart grid interoperability and security standards. These standards reduce transaction costs, enable more modular and loosely-coupled networks and interconnection, and are an essential role of bringing about transactive energy systems.

Thus I am pleased and honored to announce that I have been appointed as a member of the NIST Smart Grid Advisory Committee. The SGAC advises NIST in its smart grid activities, and I am thrilled that I will be contributing economic analysis and perspectives to its work.

One thought on “Nist Smart Grid Advisory Committee

  1. Congratulations Lynne,

    Good afternoon!

    While “focusing on enhancing understanding and use of interoperability principles in business and regulatory decisions,” was necessary, it was not sufficient. I hope you will get the SGAC to take a look at the post “A strategy of trajectory is required to transform the energy sector ( ),” whose introduction has the following quote:

    “There is only one safeguard against becoming the prisoner of an incomplete definition: check it again and again against all observable facts, and throw out a definition the moment it fails to encompass any of them.” — Peter Drucker

    It was not sufficient, for example, because of an incomplete definition.

    Best regards!

    José Antonio

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