Horwitz, Henderson, Hayek on the Police State

Lynne Kiesling On a subject too important to overlook … today Steve Horwitz wrote a short, clear argument providing evidence that we are indeed living in a police state. As evidence he offers 3 related phenomena: The immoral, ineffective, and financially irresponsible security theater we endure in the form of the Transportation Security Administration (as … More Horwitz, Henderson, Hayek on the Police State

Some Economics of Tsa Policies

Lynne Kiesling As I’ve mentioned before, I am passionately and actively opposed to the TSA’s fear-based violations of the rights and dignity of individuals. But my opposition extends beyond the moral and philosophical into the economic … and some recent commentaries indicate that I am not the only one! First let’s think about the cost … More Some Economics of Tsa Policies

Be Indomitable. Refuse to Be Terrorized.

Lynne Kiesling This week we have many introspective analyses of the consequences of an evil act perpetrated 10 years ago. Those consequences are a mix of good and bad, ranging from no successful coordinated attacks in the U.S. to foreign wars with gruesome human and financial costs. The consequences in which I am most interested, … More Be Indomitable. Refuse to Be Terrorized.


I am trying to stay at arm’s length from advocacy for or against going into Iraq (for many reasons, including the deep philosophical conflicts that Will Wilkinson articulated beautifully in this post). I do, though, keep up with goings-on in oil and natural gas industries, so I have a pretty good idea of who has … More Coincidence?More Coincidence?