How did an oil and gas state come to lead in wind power?

Kate Galbraith, a reporter for the Texas Tribune, and Asher Price, a reporter for the Austin American-Statesman, have written a great historical review of the development of wind power in Texas. Recommended reading if you are interested in the development of wind power. … More How did an oil and gas state come to lead in wind power?

Department stores as economically transformative

Lynne Kiesling Recently Virginia Postrel used the US (PBS) premiere of “Mr. Selfridge” to highlight the underappreciated social and economic role of the department store. As she notes, Yet like railroads and telegraphs, the department stores of the late 19th and early 20th century were socially and economically transformative institutions. They pioneered innovations ranging from … More Department stores as economically transformative

Two foreign policy initiatives contrasted

Michael Giberson Two foreign policy initiatives, both began in mid-March, one a year old and the other started ten years ago, have had dramatically different effects on the world. Eric Shierman celebrates the wiser of the two efforts: I have considered writing about the Iraq War on the tenth anniversary of our collective, bi-partisan decision … More Two foreign policy initiatives contrasted

Dr. Ehrlich, call your office

Michael Giberson I ended my semester in “Energy and Environmental Economics” talking about resource optimism and resource pessimism, framed mostly as a big picture debate between Julian Simon and others against Paul Ehrlich and Neo-Malthusians. Simon reports being puzzled at how folks could look at data showing human health and well-being getting better and better … More Dr. Ehrlich, call your office

Coasean taxes and other energy economics stories

Michael Giberson Of note. Daniel Cole, “Thinking About an Optimal Coase Tax” “Economists have spilled a lot of ink trying to specify what an ‘optimal’ Pigou tax would be…¬†Haven’t any of these people read Coase (I mean read him¬†carefully)? One of his explicit aims in ‘The Problem of Social Cost’ (1960) was to correct an … More Coasean taxes and other energy economics stories