Rapier on Bloom Energy: Hype is a Two-edged Sword

Michael Giberson Robert Rapier on Bloom Energy.  Jumping straight to the end, his conclusion: Bloom Energy looks like both Plug Power and Range Fuels to me. It is a company that is attempting to produce energy cheaper than all those who came before using known technology – and using hype to attract investors. And if … More Rapier on Bloom Energy: Hype is a Two-edged Sword

Bloom off the Rose

Michael Giberson After eight years in stealth mode, Bloom Energy had a big week in the media last week.  They opened up on 60 Minutes and picked up mentions everywhere from the New York Times to local newspapers to a zillion blogs (us included).  Much of the discussion was a bit over-excited.  At Green Chip … More Bloom off the Rose

Bloom Energy Makes the News

Michael Giberson Another Silicon Valley start-up out to solve the world’s energy problems, promising “clean, reliable, affordable energy anywhere.”  Sounds good, hope they can deliver. Today’s energy-problem-solver is Bloom Energy.  The company has been around since 2001, quietly developing what it claims is a new fuel-cell technology, much of it on the dime of Silicon … More Bloom Energy Makes the News