Oil Production in Pennsylvania

Michael Giberson James Hamilton posts on “Peak oil in Pennsylvania” at Econbrowser, drawing from a few historical surveys and presenting this chart from Michael Caplinger, “A contextual overview of crudeoil production in Pennsylvania.” Pennsylvania crude oil production, 1859-1990, in millions of barrels per year. Source: Michael Caplinger (1997) via James Hamilton at Econobrowser Caplinger’s report … More Oil Production in Pennsylvania

Are You a “Hydrocarbon Denier”?

Michael Giberson From the Houston Chronicle‘s coverage of CERAWeek: … later in the day, ConocoPhillips’ [CEO James] Mulva drew applause from the crowd when he blasted “hydrocarbon deniers” for questioning the potential of natural gas to meet future U.S. energy needs. In an interview afterward, he said he wasn’t necessarily calling out the administration. “It … More Are You a “Hydrocarbon Denier”?