“Free Market Fairness” and self-authorship

Lynne Kiesling [NOTE: The following is an economist’s musings about philosophy, so if my philosopher friends can flesh out my argument and identify errors I’d be grateful. Also, this post is meant for you if you are interested in electricity regulation, so don’t just mark it as read because it’s philosophy ;-)! –LK] Although I … More “Free Market Fairness” and self-authorship

Is our morality derived from our biology?

Lynne Kiesling Recently I found a striking essay from Marc Hauser, an evolutionary psychologist at Harvard who works in cognitive neuroscience. In this essay at Edge, Hauser argues that our biology is the source of our moral sense. Recent discoveries suggest that all humans, young and old, male and female, conservative and liberal, living in … More Is our morality derived from our biology?