The Nobel Ceremony

WATCH THE NOBEL CEREMONY LIVE ONLINE: Tuesday, 10 December, 10:30 AM eastern time, watch the Nobel ceremony live online. … More The Nobel Ceremony

Pernicious Price Controls

It’s from June, but this is a great Thomas Sowell article about price controls and all of their pernicious effects. Price controls rear their ugly heads in energy industries often, and as the California and the more recent Ontario experiences indicate, they are no help in the face of a supply shortage because they totally … More Pernicious Price ControlsMore Pernicious Price Controls

Reason Magazine’s New Blog

Check out our magazine’s new weblog for great and incisive commentary! … More Reason Magazine’s New Blog

Origins Of “The Dismal Science”

Eugene Volokh has a post today on this article by David Levy and Sandra Peart on the orgins of the phrase and its applications to economics. I’ve always (or at this point it just feels like always!) known that Thomas Carlyle was the origin of the phrase, but until I saw David Levy present this … More Origins Of “The Dismal Science”More Origins Of “The Dismal Science”

Yay For Daniel Yergin!

He is a thoughtful, clear thinker and a wonderful writer, as is apparent in this Washington Post commentary on whether or not our intentions in Iraq are entirely based on getting more oil. Yergin is very eloquently making a point that I think is key — Iraq’s oil industry needs capital investment, its development will … More Yay For Daniel Yergin!More Yay For Daniel Yergin!

Thoughts On United Airlines

Other than the link to my earlier commentary on airline bailouts, here are some more thoughts about United’s bankruptcy. Ownership, and in the case of United it’s employee stock ownership (ESOP), is something that we economists tout as an important tool in aligning the incentives of employees, management, and customers. However, ownership is neither necessary … More Thoughts On United AirlinesMore Thoughts On United Airlines