A facelift and a schedule

I’ve made some changes to the KP page. First and foremost I asked my brilliant, creative friend Danell Drazek to design a logo and color scheme for me, which inspired the facelift. If you need any design work I recommend you contact her! Second, I’m going to schedule new content every Wednesday. Mike and I … More A facelift and a schedule

A sabbatical note

Modern life is full of bustle and inattention, with too many activities and tasks and opportunities competing for our limited cognitive bandwidth. Even in the relatively staid academic life this is true; my regular teaching requirements and other campus commitments have meant that my mind is stretched, particularly over the past few years as some … More A sabbatical note

CES’s seamy underbelly

Lynne Kiesling OK, I just effused a bit over a new product introduction at the Consumer Electronics Show. Time to balance my enthusiasm with a glimpse of CES’s seamy underbelly. You’re surprised that the largest consumer electronics trade show in the world, held annually in Las Vegas (of all places), has a seamy underbelly? Want … More CES’s seamy underbelly

Poor market design causing high prices in Diablo III auction house?

Michael Giberson  I don’t play Diablo III, but I do follow price gouging discussions online, which led me to this post on the Diablo III discussion forum: “Auction House and Price Gouging.” The initial complaint comes from a player trying to equip a new character through purchases in the Auction House, an in-game player-to-player trading mechanism, and … More Poor market design causing high prices in Diablo III auction house?

Do you want to be intellectually honest?

Michael Giberson Some techniques for checking the tendency toward extreme partisanship, which can be a ready source of intellectual errors (source): •Take opposing points of view at face value. It is more comfortable to treat opposing points of view reductively. That is, rather than deal with a different viewpoint, we prefer to explain it away. … More Do you want to be intellectually honest?

Hitting the big time, living the econoblogger dream

Michael Giberson From the Inbox earlier in this week comes news that Knowledge Problem is one of the blogs monitored and excerpted from time to time by EconAcademics.org, a blog aggregator being run by the Economic Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. You can skip the noise and get right to … More Hitting the big time, living the econoblogger dream