Venezuela and Terrorism?

This Insight magazine article from 19 February explores the possibility that Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has contacts with, or will increasingly form contacts with, terrorists who want to flex the oil muscle. From the article’s introduction: As Washington prepares a high-stakes military venture in the Persian Gulf, a growing physical threat is being posed by … More Venezuela and Terrorism?

High Gas Prices Induce Conservation

Ya wanna increase fuel economy and reduce our dependence on oil? Let high gasoline prices do their work. From an article in the Press Enterprise (registration required), an inland Southern California newspaper: Amid soaring gas prices nationwide, Californians are paying the most to fill up their vehicles, causing many people to cut back on recreational … More High Gas Prices Induce ConservationMore High Gas Prices Induce Conservation

Oil Prices and Uncertainty

The uncertainty, and the continuing unrest in Venezuela, keep pushing those oil prices higher and higher. See for example this BBC article, this Forbes article, this ABC News article, and this Financial Times article. Ugh.

Back from Philly

Just got back yesterday from Philadelphia, and the Mercatus Center Congressional Chief of Staff Retreat. Very fun, lots of good conversations.