Sabine Herold

Today my go-to guy is Steve Antler, who is full of good content. I am particularly intrigued by the French small-l-liberal Sabine Herold, whose pro-market stance and actions against French strikers Steve dicusses in this post. I also love the picture of her speaking in Paris, in the Tuileries, with the Arc du Carrousel and the Louvre, and the French flag, in the background. What a compelling portrait.

Her organization, Liberte, j’ecris ton nom, has a webpage that’s full of good content. I particularly like this editorial on the risks of securing and defending liberty. My attempt at translating the conclusion (with some help from Babelfish):

Writing liberty’s name is not free. Those who claim liberty always take a risk. Those seeking liberty are often suspected of being ambitious gold diggers, at best drunk on their discoveries, at worst embittered by their unsatisfied quest. People of action and realists, we run the risk to bring this high ideal into existence. Faithfulness to this risk drives us to make our way freely before our destiny. “Thus let us see this fear as a salutary future, which causes us to take care and fight, and not the kind of soft and idle terror that cuts down and annoys the heart.” –Tocqueville

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  1. “The man who desires to serve others should have no objection to being a slave. In fact, he should desire it.”

    — Ayn Rand

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